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It was at a lecture with the animator Kyle Balda that I learned an important thing about conversation; a very small margin of it is about words, the majority of communication relies on body language. Rottimorti, has no dialogue, and … Continue reading

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Rough Animation: Rottimorti

This is the final go before getting into full color. The rough animation has been completed for some time now and coloring is underway. Look out for the completed film at the end of April.

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Final Animatic: Rottimorti

Continuously throughout the semester I have been working on my final Senior Thesis. This is the final, cleaned up animatic. While working on this, I was also woking on the rough animation, which at this time is completed along with … Continue reading

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Senior Thesis: Storyboard and Rough Animatic

click here for pdf version Here are the storyboards for my senior thesis. Still working on a name. Below is a synopsis of the story. Will be working on more detailed animatics while creating rough animation for the shots. I … Continue reading

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