It was at a lecture with the animator Kyle Balda that I learned an important thing about conversation; a very small margin of it is about words, the majority of communication relies on body language. Rottimorti, has no dialogue, and this is common in animation. Animation does not need to rely on speech, what it needs is body language; it needs to be a conversation through action.

The story itself began with a look back at Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Swifts satirical essay is both filled with dark humor, while bringing attention to a serious issue. Rottimorti is playful at heart and in style, but is also meant to bring up the fact that we are wasteful with our food, specifically meat. It is so easy today to forget that a slab of beef was once a living cow, and in the modern world, even to mention the fact that to eat meat involves killing a living creature is a social taboo in most circles. I think it is time to have a conversation.

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