Nights Mirror: Capstone Proposal

Night’s Mirror.pngNight’s Mirror Proposal PDF

While finishing up Rottimorti, I will begin a stop motion animation Night’s Mirror. Below is my written proposal.

The thing that makes us afraid of the night is the fear of the unknown. It causes a yearning for the past and anxieties to what the future holds. It is the uncertainty of what is beyond the darkness that halts not the need, but the want to explore beyond our own comforts. Night’s Mirror is meant to be an exploration of coming to terms with uncertainty.

The story is based on previous ways of explaining concepts like this in a way that functions beyond a blunt narrative. The majority of inspiration came from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73, which while dealing with the impermanence of love, goes into metaphorical imagery of the past’s decay as the present moves onward. Another inspiration was how origin stories explain the natural order of things, although usually involving gods, this concept looks to more humble and personal origins.

As for the story, it begins with one character, referred to as Eep in concept designs, a masked and fully covered figure in the woods in front of a fire. Eep is looking up at the night sky, thinking of their future; when the stars come down to create a figure across from them. Fuu is the shadow of Eep and the stars themselves. Eep is at first terrified, but once Eep realizes that Fuu is just a mirror of them, Eep becomes relaxed by their presence. Fuu signals to the fire and raises their arms, which Eep repeats. Both begin to spin around the fire until they are on opposite sides. They once more face each other and jump into the fire, embracing one another, as they become the dawn.

This project will be done in stop motion. For style, inspiration was taken from excerpts of the stop motion music video for “The Shrine/ An Argument” animated by Sean Pecknold. Other work taken into consideration is traditional Inuit outfits as well as Maori masks. A lot of personal aesthetics will be implemented in the design to create a visually interesting synthesis. While the project will be stop motion, the character Fuu with be drawn in to give an otherworldly look and the creation of the dawn will be hand drawn as well to emphasize the transitional message of the project.

Overall, this project is meant to be my own explorations into understanding my own fears of the future. I would rather look at the future as a friend rather than a source of anxiety in which it has become for me. I am looking to keep the outlook simple and hopeful. This is also a look on how much loneliness causes such a negative outlook on the future. I like to think if the future was seen less like an individual pursuit and instead one that is a shared journey, it would not be terrifying at all.


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