Senior Thesis: Storyboard and Rough Animatic

click here for pdf version

Here are the storyboards for my senior thesis. Still working on a name. Below is a synopsis of the story. Will be working on more detailed animatics while creating rough animation for the shots. I have already finished up the first have of the detailed animatic and hope to post that along with the rough animation.


On a stormy night, a figure approaches a small Inn atop a crooked hill. The figure knocks at the wooden door, Fergus, a large aggressive man answers. He lowers his head to stare down at the small guest. The guest, Davy, pulls out a help wanted poster with a smile. Fergus stares at Davy, and his poster for a moment and lets him in.

Inside the Inn is warm, small, and cluttered. Fergus leads Davy into the kitchen, where hanging from every wall and on every table is some item of meat or dead animal. Fergus hands Davy a list of ingredients for pies he must prepare and slams the door.

Davy looks around the meat soaked room, with both shock and disgust, but quickly snaps out of it. He pulls out a wand and an old book and begins to look through the pages. He finds one with images of a man and cows pulling a cart. Davy begins the incantation.

From the tables and walls the meat begins to shake. A wind swirls and light sparks from Davy’s wand. The light builds and builds along with Davy’s concentration and suddenly; he releases the light with a blast. Everything grows quiet, until a leg off of a chicken begins to twitch. The plucked chicken arises from the table, brushes off its knees and hops down, followed by the other chickens, broken necked ducks, and inching slabs of meat.

All the meat surrounds Davy and waits for his command. Overjoyed, Davy commands the meat to follow the instructions for the pies. The chicken claws begin to stir the pots, the fish jump up to the cabinets to mix in spices, the ducks knee the dough by smacking their heads on it, sausage links grab the knives and dice the vegetables, the chickens haul potato sacks and toss them in the pots. Although very clumsy and messy, Davy is overjoyed by all of his meaty friends.

The oven is lit and the pies are almost ready to cook, but there is one ingredient missing; the meat. As Davy thinks over what to do with the revived meats, Fergus bursts through the door, overhearing the clumsy thuds in the kitchen. He surveys the room, completely covered in moving meat, becoming more and more disgusted and angered by the sight. He begins to raise a cleaver, swelling with rage. Davy looks up to notice a slab of steak, slowly pushing a rolling pin from the top shelf. The pin falls on Fergus, knocking him out; everything goes black.

The scene reopens to Davy relaxing with a pipe and an undead chicken on his lap. In the background is the sound of slamming. From the oven appears a hand bashing on the window, and it slowly falls limp, out of view.

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